Welcome To The HomHom Fam-Katun PHBKLK/UTC/RTC

Welcome to the La Familia of HOMHOM DECiDERS, Katun from PHBKLK/UTC/RTC. Represent!

Homhom Deciders 2011 collection

Wuddup.Teaser for HomHom DecIders 2011 collectIon. Get your's only at Krookz KL , The Push and Wh33l Love. ExclusIve for the hater's.

HomHom it's Sunday! Dj Ziqq

wuddup..HomHom it's Sunday! featuring our homie Dj Ziqq issue. This time i'll bring you guys to check on Haziq a day in a life. Just roll will ya.. ;)

Krookz KL feat. Kartel records.

Krookz KL working together with Kartel Records to represent each other for the new snapback hat featuring Altimet, Dj Cza and SonaOne . Kartello Hello! roll em'.

Song :

RJD2 - Cunninlynguist

Krookz KL opening shout out by Altimet, Dj Cza, SonaOne, Carleed Khaza, Noh Salleh

Special edition issue. This time i finally got this opportunity to do some shooting with celebrity. For this new snapback hat by the Krookz, Altimet, DjCza, Sonaone, Carleed Khaza and Noh Salleh from the band Hujan working together to make this thing happen. Thank you to all the celebrity for this good time i had. Roll em'.

Song :

Drake - Karaoke
Mac Miller - Knock Knock.

Krookz KL Snapback Hat short teaser.

Snapbacks back. Krookz KL and HomHom Supply Co. workng together with the new snapback hat. There's 3 dope design that everyone should have one. Get one before its too late.

Masscomm student go futsal

Me and my friends from Masscomm faculty of Uitm Shah Alam were out and do some activities together..as im sick on that day, maybe it'll be good to shoot their activities and to put it on my videos collection..here are some of short videos that i have done. Roll em'

Rjd2 - Crumbs of The Table.

KL Fingerboard comp

On the 1st of October, KL Fingerboard and Krookz skate shop once again collaborate to make the fingerboard competition happen again. The competition running smoothly with a lot of support by the local fingerboard fans. it was a nice simple comp and everybody had their fun + the winners bring back their goodies too. So sit back, enjoy this short clip video and have fun..please roll en up!

Song :
Mac Miller - Nike's On My Feet
Mac Miller - Traffic in The Sky

it's Sunday!

This time, everything was for fun and not for any purpose videos for you guys. it just me and the crew of HOMHOM chillin day. Let's click on PLAY can we? roll up!

Music : N.E.R.D - You Know What.

Homie brother engagement.

Once again, the engagement videos for you guys out there. it's kinda like the loving birds mood. Haha. Ok forget it. Aight this time i bring some videos of the person that really important to my great homie also the owner of the brand, HOMHOM Supply Co. Simple ceremony but awesomeness well done. The food is good too and everybody having their good time. Especially the family. Congratulation.

Music : Poulo Nuttini - Loving You.

Firdaus (Angah) and Hezleen Hamid engagement.

17 JULY 2011. Big day to our family..Firdaus (Angah) and Hezleen Hamid engagement. Congratulation to both of u ..

KL 4:20 tee's commercials.

Ajiem and HomHom team up to build and develop the brand's called KL 4:20. The tee's are built in up with a nice design and it glow's in the dark. Awesome tee's for everyone to have. Only sold at The Krookz Times Square and hom-hom.com. congrats to our homie, Ajiem with the new clothing line. This video contain some activities that might not suitable for some viewer. So kid's! just click PLAY haha

Directed by : D Dubbs
Music : Wiz khalifa - Up.

Parental explicit content!

Homhom Saturday.

it's just a day that randomness non profitable for us to go out. Cuz its a chillin day ladies and gentlemen and u know what it is. HomHom crew saturday Featuring Haizan from the homhom, other's homie there too..and the ladies...so sippin some drink's and just enjoy the videossaaa!

::i love my job::

Joyah Sport crew..

The happy customer...=)